Altinity Demo Appliance

Altinity Demo Appliance is a toolset which provides you with the easiest way to process your analytic data and get maximum information out of it in a second.

Engine Core

Altinity Demo Appliance uses ClickHouse Database server to store and process analytics data.

ClickHouse is an open source column-oriented database management system capable of real time generation of analytical data reports using SQL queries.

ClickHouse streamlines all your data processing. It's easy to use: ingest all your structured data into the system, and it is instantly available for reports. New columns for new properties or dimensions can be easily added to the system at any time without slowing it down.

ClickHouse is simple and works out-of-the-box. As well as performing on hundreds of node clusters, this system can be easily installed on a single server or even a virtual machine. No development experience or code-writing skills are required to install ClickHouse.

You can find more info about ClickHouse on a website here or go strait to its documentation here.

Tools to Try


Graphical Web Interface + SQL editor for ClickHouse

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The open platform for beautiful analytics and monitoring

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High-performance MySQL proxy with a GPL license


This tool allows you to connect your working application to a ClickHouse server without changing the code!

You can try it yourself. Use a mysql client and connect using standard credentials and endpoint.


demo@altinity:~$ mysql -u clicku -pclickp --protocol=tcp -h -P6090

Demo Data

Use demo data and see for yourself how fast you can play with tons of events generated by official air traffic service in US.

Demo dataset installed.

Logs Analytics Demo

Use ClickHouse for your logs analytics by uploading files into this page. It will be automatically parsed by Logstash and the results will be stored in ClickHouse. There are number of Grafana Dashboards prepared to look at graphical view of your logs.

MySQL to ClickHouse Replication Demo

Use this demo tool if you want easly dump and start automatic replication of any your MySQL database right into ClickHouse.

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